Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you want to know more about Niner Labs.

We wanted to come up with a unique name that would be both memorable and portray a distinctiveness on its own. We also needed to make sure that a matching domain name was available.

We knew we wanted to have the word Labs as part of the company name and we wanted to keep the name under 10 letters to keep it short. So, as we were getting ready to come up with crazy combinations to check, the TV was on and the guy talking was reading numbers and he said Niner for the number 9. We all looked at each other and knew that was our name. We checked for domain availability and voila! Niner Labs was born.

We fill in that gap that most folks have when it comes to technology and their business. From simple websites to complex company portals with blogging and e-commerce, we do it all when it comes to the online world. We also do mobile application development in all major platforms. And lastly, we do digital and print media.

Think of us as the Technology Arm and Digital Agency of your business.

To learn more about our services, check out our services page here.

All our work is done in-house by full time personnel that work for Niner Labs. We are not against outsourcing projects, but feel that when this is done, you lose the personal touch by giving the work to someone that is not communicating directly with the customer. Therefore, we decided to build a team that is continuously learning in order to be able to meet all your needs.

If you already have a website and are happy with it, we will work with it. Your online presence is very important to your business and you being happy with it is the most important thing to us.

We can also build you a Content Management Solution for your existing website design that will allow you to manage all website content without the need to do any coding.

Yes, we provide website and email hosting for all our clients.

Yes, our list of clients is continously growing. Tell us what type of work you want a sample of and we will provide you with a client reference.