About Us

Our company slogan is "We turn your Dream into a Digital Reality" and we mean it.

We started small, just like any other company, by working with our friends and building the solutions they were looking for. From simple websites to complex company portals, we did it all. We were then challenged with the desire for E-Commerce and Blogging for those websites. After all, everyone wants to keep up. So, we did that too. Then, we were asked to step-it-up and work on some mobile apps. At that point, we realized we could do anything, so why not take it to the next level? And that's how Niner Labs was born.

Niner Labs is self-funded, profitable, and slowly becoming the Digital Agency of the future. By going back to the basics of keeping things simple, we learned that we could do so much more. With an industry standard technology foundation that uses the best practices for design and technology we are able to make anything happen.

We continue to grow and so does our desire to learn the latest technology trends. This allows us to not lose focus on our mission and be there to meet all your needs. Think of us as the Technology Arm and Digital Agency of your business.

We are also proud to say we are part of the movement that many companies have joined of giving back to various organizations. To learn more about how we give back, click here.

Our Executive Team

~Director of Technology~
One of our Founders and the driving force to keep up with the latest best practices and technology trends.

~Creative Director~
One of our Founders and the vision behind our simple design standards. Firm believer in making a great first impression that will last a lifetime.

~Senior App Developer~
Works through the night while everyone is asleep. Never seen during the day. Certified App Developer for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

~Senior Website Developer~
Coding is part of her DNA. Driven by desire to make it happen, she will impress you with her knowledge and skills.

~Developer Extraordinaire~
Makes everything possible by taking your requirements and figuring the best solution to use. Knowledge is power.

~Quality Assurance Guru~
Thinks of all the things that could go wrong and makes sure they don't happen. Always one step ahead of the rest.